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Welcome to öogo

Booking childcare online is harder than it needs to be and the world is full of good people who are passionate about minding children. These are the two foundational beliefs that formed öogo.

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Our Founding Story

öogo was founded on the belief that the world is full of good people and that childcare deserves better tech! The world is at a crucial intersection. On the upside, we are more mobile, flexible, and equal than we’ve ever been before. Women no longer question whether they can do any job (they can!) and ambition in women is no longer frowned upon. The next generations are keen to see the world and they are bringing their children with them. We have all become used to living our lives from our phones. Literally everything nowadays is “touch button” easy to source, book, schedule and organise from a phone. Except childcare. öogo is on a Mission to fix that!

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Our Mission

öogo’s mission is to forge the path to seamlessly organised childcare by combining tech and heart. With our intricate scheduling tool layered with our Meaningful Matches™ technology, we are taking the guesswork out of Minder™ booking forever.

The Problem We're Solving

The Global Childcare infrastructure is broken and does not adequately meet the needs of today’s mobile, flexible hybrid-working parents… Things are constantly in a state of flux and this impacts everything from day-to-day childcare - the oxygen of the modern family to holiday cover or those sneaky emergency days where things just go wrong last minute and you still need to work.

Our Unique Solution

öogo has a unique way of solving the childcare crisis. By introducing Parents to a group of carefully selected Minders™ ahead of time we ensure that they have cover for every planned and unplanned situation. We call this your Cluster and an average Childcare Cluster may be made up of anything from a daycare or nanny (for your everyday cover), to two students (for evenings and weekend to reclaim that social life) and a local Minder™ Mum or Grandmother (for when the daycare closes suddenly due to staff shortages).

Partnering with Employers

öogo partners with employers to de-frazzle their working parent. Most working parents will miss on average 8 days of work due to childcare challenges. A corporate partnership with öogo eliminates this productivity time warp and empowers working parents to fully concentrate on work knowing that their little ones are in very safe hands.

Join Us

At the moment we work through corporate partnerships so get in touch if you want us to ping your HR, D&I, Wellness, or ESG peeps or book a demo if you are already one of those peeps who is curious to see how, together, with local communities and great tech, we can all achieve work-life balance and feel better about the littlest ones in doing so.


For Companies

öogo - Giving Employers an Edge

Working parents are among the most stressed individuals on the planet, with childcare struggles being the primary contributor to this stress. Companies are now recognizing the importance of assisting families in addressing the childcare crisis, viewing it as a strategic advantage for talent acquisition and retention. öogo stands out as the premier childcare partner for employers, offering comprehensive parental supports for every stage of parenting, including, crucially, 8 layers of childcare.

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For Parents

öogo helps you book childcare

At Home


Connect with local, flexible childcare


Minders™ & Inspirers who are supported and empowered


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In Work


Childcare solutions to help attract & retain talent


Improve Wellness & Support Equality


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When Traveling


Book childcare at öogo partner locations


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For Minders™ & Inspirers

öogo 's you

At öogo there is no such thing as a typical Minder™ or Inspirer.
We call all the amazing people who care for children Minders™.
We call all the amazing people who teach children Inspirers.
We love to hear from kind, capable and hard working people who are interested in working with families to care for and teach children.

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Book the Right-Fit Childcare ... every time.

“This Project was supported by the Local Enterprise Office Louth through co-funding from the Irish Government and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020”.