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Hospitality Childcare Solutions

Our Business is to enhance your Guest's Experience.

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A trusted, intuitive, referral-driven platform for booking childcare.

öogo is a secure, user-friendly, versatile platform to enhance the babysitting booking process for both hotels and parents.

Hotel staff or parents can search for Minders™ and see who is available for a specific date or occasion. Smart filters and Listings that bring out the personality of the Minders™ enhance the experience and result in more Meaningful Matches™.

öogo takes the hassle out of finding the right-fit childcare to ensure booking a Minder™ for hotels and parents alike is as simple as:

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Why öogo?

Your Trusted Childcare Partner

öogo was founded by parents who have worked across a range of industries from childcare to hospitality and IT.


Our team has decades of experience working with children, families, and organizations worldwide.

Hospitality Minded

We understand the pressures involved in ensuring exceptional guest experiences.

Technically Savvy

Our sophisticated scheduling and payment technology enhances efficiency, security, and guest satisfaction.

Customer Focused

We elevate babysitting services to a positive talking point for hotels.

Why Now?

Next Gen Parents are on the Move!
… and they’re bringing the children

This generation of young parents are travelling more than any previous generation for work and plesure.

The expectation from this well-travelled, tech-savvy generation is that their childcare solutions will be as accessible and intuitive as everything else in their lives.

When young families today are travelling for work or pleasure, öogo provides the right-fit solution to ensure childcare is a strength for each of our hospitality partners.

Accessing trusted, reliable childcare locally, which enhances a guest’s experience is becoming more important for the hospitality sector and it’s better for everyone if guests can enjoy their stay while the children are well looked after.

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How Does öogo Work?

Whether a guest is booking a babysitter themselves or a member of staff is making a booking on a guest’s behalf, the process remains the same: BROWSE BOOK PAYREVIEW



Search vetted Minders™ by date and location using smart filters.



Book the right-fit childcare with instant book or send them a message if you have a question.



Convenient online payment system with no need for cash.



Leave reviews to help future guests.


Benefits to Hotels

Get the öogo Edge: make childcare a strength.


Exceptional Babysitting Services

Suggest to guests and event coordinators at the time of booking that exceptional babysitting is available to enhance the guest experience. Use triggers to notify parents of this service if a family room is booked or a cot requested.


Promotional Campaigns

Work with öogo to generate promotional emails for special occasions where Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Offers include a babysitter. Monitor the success of promotional campaigns and increase the number of babysitters easily for peak seasons.


Attract Young Parents

Become known for superior babysitting services and attract the growing numbers of young parents traveling with children for work and pleasure.


Flexible Booking

Book pre-approved, vetted babysitters or direct guests to the platform and let them browse and book themselves. Select the required day and see who is free with one click.


No Upfront Fee

A booking fee is taken once the right-fit babysitter is selected and the job is completed to the satisfaction of the guests and the hotel.


Fully Insured

öogo’s platform and jobs booked through it can be fully insured giving parents, minders, and hotels peace of mind.


24-Hour Customer Care

If something goes wrong, there is a network of trained, experienced childcare experts on hand to pick up the phone. öogo will follow up with guests after their stay to gather valuable feedback on the service to ensure standards are consistently met.


Onsite Training

Optional trial available with on-site guidance to ensure a smooth transition to the öogo platform. Tell öogo what you want – you know your guests best, so give öogo the right profile of minders for your hotel, and öogo will find and vet them for you.

Golf event

Childcare for Special öccasions & Events


See what Minders™ are available for a wedding or event with just one click.

Event Coordinators

Send event coordinators or wedding parties a link to available Minders™.


Choose from Minders™ that look after large groups of children with activities.

Wedding Event

Trust is Everything: Safety, Insurance, & Support

Vetted Minders™

öogo Minders™ are öogo vetted – three times.

Rated and Reviewed

öogo Minders™ are rated and reviewed after each job.

Peace of Mind

öogo Minders™ are at the centre of everything we do.

There is nothing more precious in this life than our children.

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