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Welcome to öogo

öogo is on a mission to bring support and empowerment to the amazing people all over the world working together to raise the next generation.

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Minders™ are Magic

At öogo, we call all the amazing people all over the world who care for children Minders™. There is no such thing as a typical Minder™. Our community is made up of everybody from full-time nannies to part-time babysitters. We believe Minders™ deserve to be supported in their lives and empowered to do their best work. We value the crucial role they play in helping to raise the next generations.

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Who are the Inspirers?

At öogo, We call all the amazing people around the world who teach children and support parents Inspirers. There is no such thing as a typical Inspirer. Our Community of Inspirers is made up of part-time maths tutors, art students, sports enthusiasts, career coaches, sleep experts, chess players and so much more. If you have a skill, craft or hobby that can inspire the next generation, you could become part of our Inspirer community.

Benefits of being an öogo Minder™ or Inspirer

Sick pay

Support with legal documents

Insurance Advice

Help with all things tax

Our wonderful Community

Upskilling and Mentoring

Safety First

The safety of all öogo users is of central importance in all that we do. From our initial vetting processes to our online safety classes and partnerships with global organisations, we devote a large portion of our time and energy into keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Government ID Validation

Reference Checks upon request

Background checks upon request

Online safety courses

First Aid courses online

Community Wellness Sessions