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What is a Minder™?

A Minder™ is someone who provides childcare services

Who can post a listing as a Minder™ on öogo?

There is no such thing as a typical Minder™ because every family is different. Our Minders™ range from professionals with years of experience looking for full time work to students in need of part time gigs who can offer activity and tutoring based services. If you think you have something to offer it's worth getting in touch.

How do Minders™ get paid?

Minders™ set their own rates depending on their service and category. When someone books a Minder's™ services, they payment is taken at the time of booking and held. When the job is complete, the agreed booking amount less 2% booking fee is transferred to the Minder's™ account.


How do I find my Right-Fit Childcare?

Reach out to öogo via the forms on the homepage. This tells us what you're looking for. If we already have suitable options in your area, we'll send you an invitation to log in and browse the profiles.

What if you don't have any Childcare in my area yet?

Fill out the form which tells us what you're looking for and "Challenge öogo" to find great options. We like a challenge so will get back to you quick as a flash with great profiles and then invite you to browse.

Is there any obligation to book a Minder™ if I take the öogo Challenge?

No. We only want you to book the Right-Fit. If we don't have options that work for you, fill in the form and let us know what you need. We'll be sure to put the word out on your behalf.


How does an öogo Partnership work?

When you become an öogo partner we will help your working families find their Right-Fit Childcare.

How do you do that?

Survey: we will survey your working families to understand what they need

Source: our team of Minder™ Finders will find suitable options in the right areas

Sync: we will send your working families log in details once we have great options for them to browse. When they find their 'Right-Fit' option, they can book, pay and review through öogo.

How much does it cost?

Charges for öogo partnerships vary depending on size of company and location of working parents. Contact Us to set up a preliminary consultation.